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kayleigh garthwaite

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Kayleigh Garthwaite

Dr Kayleigh Garthwaite, author of Hunger pains: Life inside foodbank Britain, is a Leverhulme Trust funded researcher in the Centre for Health and Inequalities Research, Durham University, UK. Kayleigh explores issues of health inequalities, welfare reform, and austerity through ethnographic research. She is co-author of Poverty and insecurity: Life in 'low-pay, no-pay' Britain (Policy Press, 2012), winner of the 2013 British Academy Peter Townsend Award.

Annison, Jill
Dr Jill Annison is Associate Professor in Criminal Justice Studies at Plymouth School of Law, Criminology and Government, Plymouth University, UK. Her research interests include exploring developments in Probation Policy and Practice, and interventions with adult offenders, particularly in relation to gender.
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Antonucci, Lorenza

Antonucci, Lorenza

Books by Antonucci, Lorenza

Lorenza Antonucci is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy/Sociology at Teesside University where she researches on inequality. Lorenza is also Research Associate at the European Social Observatory (OSE) in Brussels. She is co-editor of ‘Young People and Social Policy in Europe’ (2014). In 2015 she has been awarded with the Royal Society of Edinburgh Visiting Fellowship (2015). You can follow her on Twitter @SocialLore Details for Enewsletter given at SPA16 conference
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Apple, Michael W.
Michael W. Apple is John Bascom Professor of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. His research focuses on power, knowledge, and education.
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Arber, Sara
Sara Arber is Professor of Sociology, and Co-Director, Centre for Research on Ageing and Gender (CRAG), University of Surrey, UK. She received the British Society of Gerontology Outstanding Achievement Award in 2011. Virpi Timonen is Associate Professor and founding Director of the Social Policy and Ageing Research Centre at the School of Social Work and Social Policy in Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.
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