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The writing process

Once your title has been contracted, we will send you a copy of our Editorial and Production guidelines (PDF). This is a detailed guide to the publishing process with information on sending in your completed typescript, including reference style, preparing images, copyright issues and sensitive language.

You may find the following websites useful: for checking details of government Acts for guidelines on Harvard style references 
You can also download a copy of our Indexing guidelines here (PDF).
Our editorial team will keep in touch with you to see how you are progressing with writing and to ask for your input on your cover. If you have any questions during this time, please get in touch with your editor and we will be happy to help. 

Submitting your typescript

The editorial team will be in touch prior to your draft delivery date if your typescript is being peer reviewed and liaise with the reviewer to provide you with feedback prior to you finalising the text.

When you submit your final typescript to us, we ask you to complete the Typescript submission checklist (Word).

We will then introduce you to your Production Editor who will keep in touch with you throughout the production process and be able to answer any queries you may have. 

Policy Press Scholarship Online

If your book is an academic monograph and is selected to appear in Policy Press Scholarship Online (PPSO), we will need you to provide the following, using this form (download Word document):

1. 5 keywords for the book
2. An abstract for each chapter of 150 words (3-5 sentences)
3. 5 keywords for each chapter. If you are an editor, you may wish to liaise with your contributors over points 2 & 3

We also need to supply a book abstract of 200 words, but we will take this from the blurb we agree for your book. This must be returned with your final typescript in order to ensure the content of your book is available on publication.