Evidence & Policy celebrates the APPAM Fall Conference
In celebration of APPAM's Fall Research Conference on the theme 'Measurement Matters: Better Data for Better Decisions' Evidence & Policy has produced the following themed collections of recent research:

EvP APPAM promotionProducing and managing evidence for policy

The limitations of quantitative social science for informing public policy

The Cochrane Collaboration: institutional analysis of a knowledge commons

Right Here Right Now (RHRN) pilot study: testing a method of near-real-time data collection on the social determinants of health

Understanding evidence use in policy and practice

A theory of change for capacity building for the use of research evidence by decision makers in southern Africa

Building capacity for evidence-informed decision making: an example from South Africa

Political barriers to evidence-based tobacco control policy: Cronyism and cognitive dissonance, a Tasmanian case study

Concepts and practices for the democratisation of knowledge generation in research partnerships for sustainable development

Evidence-based best practice is more political than it looks: a case study of the 'Scottish Approach'

The Evidence Information Service as a new platform for supporting evidence-based policy: a consultation of UK parliamentarians 

Knowledge mobilisation/knowledge exchange

Everyday stories of impact: interpreting knowledge exchange in the contemporary university

Mobilising knowledge in complex health systems: a call to action

The pivotal position of ‘liaison people’: facilitating a research utilisation intervention in policy agencies

Evidence synthesis for knowledge exchange: balancing responsiveness and quality in providing evidence for policy and practice

Why, whose, what and how? A framework for knowledge mobilisers

Enhancing evidence-informed decision making: strategies for engagement between public health faculty and policymakers in Kenya

The evolution of Cochrane evidence summaries in health communication and participation: seeking and responding to stakeholder feedback