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IWD journals collectionIn honour of International Women's Day this month's free articles focus on research about women and gender. All articles are free to read until 31 March

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Critical and Radical Social Work

Sylvia Pankhurst: Suffragette, socialist, anti-imperialist ... and social worker?
Author: Lavalette, Michael 

Evidence & Policy

What can feminist theory offer policy implementation challenges?
Author: Carey, Gemma; Dickinson, Helen; Olney, Sue

Families, Relationships and Society

‘Celebrating diverse motherhood’: Physically disabled women’s counter-narratives to their stigmatised identity as mothers
Authors: Lappeteläinen, Anita; Sevón, Eija; Vehkakoski, Tanja

International Journal of Care and Caring

Gender and sex differences in carers' health, burden and work outcomes: Canadian carers of community-dwelling older people with multiple chronic conditions
Authors: Williams, Allison; Wang, Li; Duggleby, Wendy; Markle-Reid, Maureen; Ploeg, Jenny

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Sexual harassment of women politicians in Japan
Author: Dalton, Emma

See also: Themed section on sexual violence and girls in residential care - free to read until 30 April

Sexual re-victimisation of adolescent girls in institutional care with a history of sexual violence in childhood: empirical results and conclusions for prevention [Open Access]
Authors: Kavemann, Barbara; Helfferich, Cornelia; Kindler, Heinz; Nagel, Bianca

Vulnerable bodily integrity: under-recognised sexual violence among girls in residential care institutions
Authors: Parkkila, Helena; Heikkinen, Mervi

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Food as a discretionary item: the impact of welfare payment changes on low-income single mother's food choices and strategies
Authors: McKenzie, Hayley Jane; McKay, Fiona H

Policy & Politics

European policies and research funding: a case study of gender inequality and lack of diversity in a Nordic research programme
Authors: O'Connor, Pat; Fauve-Chamoux, Antoinette

Voluntary Sector Review

The processes of implementing and sustaining an intensive volunteer one-to-one support (doula) service for disadvantaged pregnant women
Authors: McLeish, Jenny; Spiby, Helen; Darwin, Zoe; Willmot, Helen; Green, Josephine

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