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Critical and Radical Social Work

'Downpressor man': securitisation, safeguarding and social work
Authors: McKendrick, David; Finch, Jo

Evidence & Policy

How can research mediators better mediate?: the importance of inward-looking processes
Author: Shaw, Jessica

Families, Relationships and Society

Coping with hard times: the role that support networks play for lone mother families in times of economic crisis and government austerity
Author: Canton, James

International Journal of Care and Caring

Learning to care: work experiences and identity formation among African immigrant care workers in the US
Author: Showers, Fumilayo

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

The help-seeking process among women victims of partner violence in Italy
Authors: Bastiani, Federica; Saurel-Cubizolles, Marie-Josèphe; Romito, Patrizia

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

The Minimum Income Standard as a benchmark of a 'participatory social minimum'
Authors: Davis, Abigail; Hirsch, Donald; Padley, Matt

Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice

Equilibrium federal impotence: why the states and not the American national government financed economic development in the antebellum era
Authors: Wallis, John Joseph; Weingast, Barry R.

Voluntary Sector Review

Local civil society regimes: liberal, corporatist and social democratic civil society regimes in Swedish metropolitan cities
Authors: Arvidson, Malin; Johansson, Håkan; Johansson, Staffan; Nordfeldt, Marie

Policy & Politics 
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Studying public deliberation after the systemic turn: the crucial role for interpretive research
Authors: Ercan, Selen A; Hendriks, Carolyn M; Boswell, John

Policy myopia as a source of policy failure: adaptation and policy learning under deep uncertainty
Authors: Nair, Sreeja; Howlett, Michael

Improving policy implementation through collaborative policymaking
Authors: Ansell, Christopher; Sørensen, Eva; Torfing, Jacob

The impact of management consultants on public service efficiency
Authors: Kirkpatrick, Ian; Sturdy, Andrew J; Reguera Alvarado, Nuria; Blanco-Oliver, Antonio; Veronesi, Gianluca

Relational wellbeing: re-centring the politics of happiness, policy and the self
Author: White, Sarah C

Can experience be evidence? Craft knowledge and evidence-based policing
Authors: Fleming, Jenny; Rhodes, Rod

Working-class discourses of politics, policy and health: 'I don't smoke; I don't drink. The only thing wrong with me is my health'
Authors: Mackenzie, Mhairi; Collins, Chik; Connolly, John; Doyle, Mick; McCartney, Gerry

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