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Dead-end lives

Drugs and violence in the city shadows

Using vivid testimonies and images, Briggs and Monge document the stories and situations of the people who live in Valdemingómez , placing them in a political, economic and social context.

Capability-promoting policies

Enhancing individual and social development

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Inclusive growth in cities

From ideas to action

Inclusive growth, where opportunities and benefits are shared equally throughout society, is rising up the urban policy agenda. Using interviews with city leaders from the UK, Europe and US, Josh Stott develops a compelling case for city leadership and action, identifying the steps cities can take to achieve a more inclusive local economy.

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The impact of co-production

From community engagement to social justice

Edited by Aksel Ersoy

Why the left loses

The Decline of the Centre-Left in Comparative Perspective

Bringing together a range of leading academics and experts on social democratic politics and policy, Why the Left Loses offers an international, comparative view of the changing political landscape, examining the degree to which the centre-left project is exhausted and is able to renew its message in a neo-liberal age.

Social policy and welfare pluralism

Selected writings of Robert Pinker

This book presents the first collection of Robert Pinker’s influential essays in one edited volume, discussing the key concepts underpinning the study of social policy and the ways in which welfare theories and ideologies together with public expectations have shaped the political processes of policy making.

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The New Fundraisers

Who organises charitable giving in contemporary society?

Broken benefits

What's gone wrong with welfare reform

In Broken Benefits, Sam Royston argues that social security isn’t working, and without a change in direction, it will be even less fair in the future.
He provides an introductory guide to social security, correcting misunderstandings and presents practical ideas of how benefits should be reformed.

Healthcare in transition

Understanding key ideas and tensions in contemporary health policy

This book explores the fundamental currents and tensions that lie behind recent trends in health policy such as shared decision-making, co-production, and personalisation.


Inequality, education and the working classes

This book brings Brian Jackson and Dennis Marsden’s pioneering Education and the Working Class from 1962 up to date for the 21st century and reveals what we can do to achieve a fairer education system.

Women's emancipation and civil society organisations

Challenging or maintaining the status quo?

This collection examines the nexus between the emancipation of women, and their role(s) in civil service organisations. It covers the role of social media in organising, the significance of religion in many cultural contexts, activism in Eastern Europe and the impact of environmental degradation on women’s lives.

Like mother, like daughter?

How career women influence their daughters' ambition

Women are encouraged to believe that they can occupy top jobs in society by the example of other women thriving in their careers. This book shows that having a mother as a role model does not predict daughters progressing in their own careers. It offers a timely and original perspective on the debate about gender equality in leadership positions.