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Intimacy and ageing

New relationships in later life

This timely book, part of the Ageing in a Global Context series, addresses the gap in knowledge about late life repartnering and provides a comprehensive map of the changing landscape of late life intimacy.

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A companion to the history of crime and criminal justice

Offering a succinct approach to the vocabulary and terminology of historical and contemporary approaches to crime and punishment, it includes concise but robust definitions of key terms and concepts from expert contributors in a user-friendly A-Z format with clear direction to related entries and further reading.

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Reimagining the nation

Togetherness, belonging and mobility

This book develops new ways of thinking beyond the nation as a form of political community by transcending ethnonational categories of ‘us’ and ‘them’. Drawing on scholarship and cases spanning Pacific Asia and Europe, it provides a constructive agenda for critical nationalism studies.

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Indigeneity: A politics of potential

Australia, Fiji and New Zealand

This is the first comprehensive integration of political theory to explain indigenous politics. It assesses how indigenous and liberal political theories interact to consider the policy implications of the indigenous right to self-determination.

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Irish social policy

A critical introduction

Building better societies

Promoting social justice in a world falling apart

This book looks at what is needed to prevent the proliferation of harm and the gradual collapse of civil society. A wide range of expert contributors outline what might help to make better societies and which mechanisms, interventions and evidence are needed when we think about a better society.

Living on the margins

Undocumented migrants in a global city

Understanding the cost of welfare

Understanding housing policy

Focusing on principles and theory and their application in the process of constructing housing policy, with boxed examples and case studies throughout, this fully revised 3rd edition addresses the range of socio-economic factors that have influenced UK housing policy in recent years.

Designing prostitution policy

Intention and reality in regulating the sex trade

The book offers a detailed analysis of the design and implementation of prostitution policy at the local level.

Research and evaluation for busy students and practitioners

A time saving guide

Research co-exists with many other tasks and commitments, yet there is more need for people to save time than ever before. Brilliantly attuned to the demands placed on researchers, this 'tutor in a book' considers how students, academics and professionals can save time and stress without compromising the quality or outcomes of their research.

The human atlas of Europe

A continent united in diversity

Written by leading international authors, this timely atlas explores Europe’s society, culture, economy, politics and environment using state of the art mapping techniques. It addresses fundamental questions around social cohesion and sustainable growth as Europe negotiates the UK’s exit while continuing through the economic crisis.