21st Century Standpoints

Accessible, social and political commentary from Policy Press and the British Sociological Association

What are the 21st century challenges shaping our lives today and in the future? This exciting new series seeks to showcase lively, disruptive, progressive writers – established and emerging – who reach beyond the academy. Cosmopolitan in vision and scope, included works will be based on striking ideas and robust evidence, providing a powerful platform for both scholarly and public debate. Bringing pressing public issues to the general reader, scholars and students these books will offer standpoints to shape public conversations at this time of social, political, economic and cultural disruption. They will move beyond simple critique to propose better ways of understanding, and living in, our world.

For more information, please see the series flyer or contact the series editors: Les Back, Goldsmiths (l.back@gold.ac.uk), Pam Cox, University of Essex (pamcox@essex.ac.uk) and Nasar Meer, University of Edinburgh ().