Companions in Criminology and Criminal Justice Series

Edited by Paul Taylor (Chester), Karen Corteen (LJMU), Sharon Morley (Chester) and Jo Turner (Chester)

Companions in criminology and criminal justice provide succinct definitions of key terms and explanations of core concepts and themes in complex areas of criminology, victimology and criminal justice. Each entry provides critical appraisals, vocabulary and terminology of historical and contemporary approaches to the relevant subject, as well as technical details, making them an ideal resource for students, practitioners and researchers alike.

Entries bring together expert contributor teams and are arranged alphabetically and provide a concise analysis of the distinctive issues attached to each concept, explanation of core concepts or themes, and direction to take knowledge further through identified key readings. Entries are linked and connections can be mapped across terms.

Books in the series match themes with the demands of the disciplines, addressing areas where there is a need for further resources, in particular for undergraduate students.