#GE2017: What about the policies?

50% off selected titles until 9 June 2017.

We are giving you the opportunity to buy books that address the key policy issues that all parties should be focusing on - offering the latest research, alternatives and solutions - at half price.

Order your copies of the books below with 50% discount until the 9 June 2017.


Putting people in charge of politics
Where you live can kill you
Why social inequality still persists
Core principles for the centre left
Edited by Kevin Hickson
How to assess the UK’s future
An insider's view of success and failure in government
Life inside foodbank Britain
A journey to the sharp end of cuts in the UK
Towards equality and democracy
The welfare myth of them and us
How education is failing young people
The everyday realities of welfare reform
Local parties and funding at general elections
Evaluating the impact of health reforms
English nationalism and the transformation of working-class politics
The changing nature of the 'political'
Edited by Nathan Manning

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Look beneath the distraction of Brexit and Labour's disarray and examine the issues we really need to be thinking about as we put our cross in the box on the 8th June.

Housing policy predictions & radical solutions

How can the Left re-engage the people?