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In February 2018 we bring you the five most read articles  published in each of our journals in 2017, free to read until the end of the month:

Critical and Radical Social Workmost read

The political identity of social workers in neoliberal times
Author: Gwilym, Hefin

Self-directed Groupwork – social justice through social action and empowerment
Authors: Fleming, Jennie; Ward, Dave

The 'troubled' case of Rotherham
Authors: Crossley, Stephen; Leigh, Jadwiga

Child sexual abuse, moral panics and emancipatory practice
Author: Pilgrim, David

Neoliberal influences on American higher education and the consequences for social work programmes
Author: Hanesworth, Carolyn

Evidence & Policy

Why, whose, what and how? A framework for knowledge mobilisers
Author: Ward, Vicky

Mobilising knowledge in complex health systems: a call to action
Authors: Holmes, Bev J; Best, Allan; Davies, Huw; Hunter, David; Kelly, Michael P; Marshall, Martin; Rycroft-Malone, Joanne

The limitations of quantitative social science for informing public policy
Authors: Jerrim, John; de Vries, Robert

Building the concept of research impact literacy
Authors: Bayley, Julie Elizabeth; Phipps, David

Applying the rational model of evidence-informed policy and practice in the real world
Authors: Gough, David; Boaz, Annette

Families, Relationships and Society

'People try and police your behaviour': the impact of surveillance on mothers and grandmothers' perceptions and experiences of infant feeding
Authors: Grant, Aimee; Mannay, Dawn; Marzella, Ruby

Let’s stop feeding the risk monster: Towards a social model of ‘child protection’
Authors: Featherstone, Brid; Gupta, Anna; Morris, Kate; Warner, Joanne

Towards a critical ecology of child development in social work: aligning the theories of Bronfenbrenner and Bourdieu
Author: Houston, Stan

Poverty and child neglect – the elephant in the room?
Author: Gupta, Anna

Domestic abuse and women with 'no recourse to public funds': the state's role in shaping and reinforcing coercive control
Author: Dudley, Rebecca Gail

International Journal of Care and Caring

Care and caring: interdisciplinary perspectives on a societal issue of global significance
Authors: Yeandle, Sue; Chou, Yueh-Ching; Fine, Michael; Larkin, Mary; Milne, Alisoun

There is an alternative: homines curans and the limits of neoliberalism
Author: Tronto, Joan

Social consequences of family care of adults: a scoping review
Author: Keating, Norah; Eales, Jacquie

Working longer, caring harder – the impact of 'ageing-in-place' policies on working carers in the UK and Sweden
Authors: Starr, Madeleine; Szebehely, Marta

Family care work: a policy-relevant research agenda
Authors: Moen, Phyllis; DePasquale, Nicole

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

Measuring violence to end violence: mainstreaming gender
Authors: Walby, Sylvia; Towers, Jude

Measuring domestic violence: context is everything
Author: Myhill, Andy

Identifying the key components of a 'whole family' intervention for families experiencing domestic violence and abuse
Authors: Stanley, Nicky; Humphreys, Cathy

Prostitution in (and out of) policy on violence against women and girls in the UK
Author: Coy, Maddy

'The edge to him was really, really nasty': abusive tactics used against informal supporters of domestic violence survivors
Author: Gregory, Alison Clare

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Benefits conditionality for disabled people: stylised facts from a review of international evidence and practice
Author: Baumberg Geiger, Ben

Welfare conditionality, benefit sanctions and homelessness in the UK: ending the 'something for nothing culture' or punishing the poor?
Author: Reeve, Kesia

Welfare conditionality and disabled people in the UK: claimants' perspectives
Authors: McNeill, Jenny; Scullion, Lisa; Jones, Katy; Stewart, Alasdair

Introduction to the special issue on 'Disability and Conditional Social Security Benefits'
Author: Baumberg Geiger, Ben

The bedroom tax in the Supreme Court: implications of the judgment
Author: Meers, Jed

Policy & Politics

Policy learning and policy failure: definitions, dimensions and intersections
Author: Dunlop, Claire A.

Improving policy implementation through collaborative policymaking
Authors: Ansell, Christopher; Sørensen, Eva; Torfing, Jacob

Relational wellbeing: re-centring the politics of happiness, policy and the self
Author: White, Sarah C.

Understanding the transfer of policy failure: bricolage, experimentalism and translation
Author: Stone, Diane

Policy myopia as a source of policy failure: adaptation and policy learning under deep uncertainty
Authors:Nair, Sreeja; Howlett, Michael

Voluntary Sector Review

Third sector independence: relations with the state in an age of austerity
Authors: Egdell, Valerie; Dutton, Matthew

The constraints on voluntary sector voice in a period of continued austerity
Author: Hemmings, Mike

Systemic practice and workplace as community: alternatives to managerialism
Author: Goh, Patrick C.H.

Independent advocacy services for looked-after children and young people: evidencing the impact
Author: Wood, Marsha

Third sector capacity building: the institutional embeddedness of supply
Authors:Dayson, Chris; Paine, Angela Ellis; Macmillan, Rob; Sanderson, Elizabeth

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