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Critical and Radical Social Work

The year 1968: the turning point when US social work failed to turn
Author: Reisch, Michael

Evidence & Policy

Evidence-based policy or risk minimisation? The regulation of e-cigarettes in Australia
Author: Newman, Joshua

Families, Relationships and Society

South Asian women's experience of abuse by female affinal kin: a critique of mainstream conceptualisations of 'domestic abuse'
Authors: Mirza, Nughmana

International Journal of Care and Caring

Gender-based analysis of working-carer men: a North American scoping review
Authors: Maynard, Kevin; Ilagan, Chloe; Sethi, Bharati; Williams, Allison

Journal of Gender-Based Violence

'Home game': domestic abuse and football
Author: Brooks-Hay, Oona; Lombard, Nancy

As part of the themed section on 'Sexual Violence and Girls in Residential Care' in the latest journal issue, the following two articles are also free until the end of April:

Sexual re-victimisation of adolescent girls in institutional care with a history of sexual violence in childhood: empirical results and conclusions for prevention [Open Access]
Authors: Kavemann, Barbara; Helfferich, Cornelia; Kindler, Heinz; Nagel, Bianca

Vulnerable bodily integrity: under-recognised sexual violence among girls in residential care institutions
Authors: Parkkila, Helena; Heikkinen, Mervi

Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Twenty years post US welfare reform and state family caps aka child exclusion: an overdue assessment
Authors: Romero, Diana; Agénor, Madina

Policy & Politics

Brokering behaviour change: the work of behavioural insights experts in government
Authors: Feitsma, Joram

Voluntary Sector Review

“We’re not a bottomless pit”: food banks’ capacity to sustainably meet increasing demand
Authors: Iafrati, Steve

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