NEW SERIES: Sociology of Health Professions: Future International Directions 

Series Editors: Mike Saks, University of Suffolk, UK and Mike Dent, Staffordshire University, UK 

We are delighted to announce a new book series: Sociology of Health Professions. The series centres on the production of high quality, original work in the sociology of health professions with an innovative focus on the likely future direction of such professions.

This expansive series covers a wide range of associated health professional areas and encompasses interrelated health fields such as social care, as well as medicine, nursing and the allied health professions.

The series is oriented towards final year and postgraduate students, academic lecturers and researchers, practitioners and policy makers. Its general aims are:

  • To inform and stimulate debate about issues in the sociology of health professions
  • To influence policy development and practice in the fields concerned
  • To make a significant contribution to academic thinking in the sociology of health
  • To produce original national/international work of recognised high quality.


Call for proposals

Series editors Mike Saks and Mike Dent are inviting proposals for books drawing on international academic perspectives on health professions with a view towards influencing future social change. The editors are keen to receive submissions on areas such as comparative health organisation, complementary and alternative medicine, health care governance, health leadership and management, and users in health care. 

If you are interested in discussing an idea or submitting a proposal, please contact: Mike Saks, or Mike Dent,

Editorial Advisory Board

Professor Davina Allen, School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies, Cardiff University, Wales.
Dr Nelson Barros, Faculty of Medical Science, Campinas University, São Paulo, Brazil.
Dr Debby Bonnin, Head of the Department of Sociology, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Professor Ray De Vries, Co-Director of the Center for Bioethics and Social Science in Medicine, University of Michigan, United States
Professor Jean-Louis Denis, Chair of Research on the Governance and Transformation of Health Organisations and Systems, Ecole Nationale d’Administration Publique, Montreal, Canada.
Professor Jonathan Gabe, Professor of Sociology, Royal Holloway University of London, England
Professor Guido Giarelli, Department of Health Sciences, University of Magna Græcia, Catanzaro, Italy
Professor Miwako Hosoda, Vice President, Seisa University, Japan
Professor Ian Kirkpatrick, Monash Warwick Professor of Healthcare Improvement and Implementation Science (Organisational Studies), Warwick Business School, England
Professor Donald Light, Professor of Sociology and Psychiatry, Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine, Stratford, New Jersey, United States
Professor Susan Nancarrow, Professor of Health Sciences, Southern Cross University, Australia
Professor Mirko Noordegraaf, Utrecht School of Governance, Utrecht University, Netherlands
Professor Stephanie Short, Head of Behavioural and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney, Australia.