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Policy Press prides itself on publishing scholarship that is read widely within and beyond academe. It is therefore committed to supporting authors to maximise the impact of their research in terms of both on-line and off-line dissemination. There are a range of simple ways to promote research and increase citations and many of these methods can actually be used to sustain the research lifecycle and to explore new research questions, discover new sources of funding and to build relationships with potential research partners.

1. Add a line to your email signature – Add details of your new publication to your email signature and update your personal website regularly. 

2. Contact your references - It’s a good idea to email one or two of the main scholars whose work is central to the article you have published simply to let them know about your work and to point them in its direction.

3. Use social mediaTwitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are currently the most effective for promoting your content to enable it to be picked up by other researchers and practitioners. Remember all the Policy Press journals are on Twitter too, and we’ll always retweet you!

4. Write a blog post – Write a short and pithy article of just a few hundred words that summarise what you found and why it matters. We can publish it on the Policy Press blog, or you can publish it on another relevant blog.

5. Use Kudos – Policy Press partners with Kudos, who will be contacting you after publication. They offer a free service to help authors maximise the impact of their publication. For more information see http://policypress.co.uk/journals#kudos.

6. Add to reading lists – Students form a critical pool of potential readers so try and make sure that your article is included in reading lists and course material. It may also be useful to approach a number of scholars that you know teach in the specific field in order to let them know that your article might be of value to their students.

7. Use the subject community – Send details of your publication around relevant listservs, specific interest groups and professional bodies.

8. Facilitate access – Make sure your library subscribes to the journal, and if not, recommend that it does! All our journals offer a free 3 month trial for libraries. You might also consider making your article open access. Ask your funding body or librarian whether they have funds to support gold open access publications.

9. Access marketing support – If you think your article has specific potential in terms of topicality and relevance, but would like some help promoting the article then please feel freeto contact us for help and advice.

10. Be proactive – If you have a good idea – or if you even just want to discuss an idea – then do feel free to contact us. Policy Press thrives on the notion of a research community and therefore welcomes suggestions and proposals from anyone who has a relationship (current or potential) with a journal.
Policy Press are delighted to be working with Kudos, a service designed to help researchers, their institutions, and funders measure, monitor and maximise the visibility and impact of their published journal articles. 

About Kudos

Launched in 2014, the Kudos platform provides a new way for authors to use social media to engage the digital community with their research. By creating "profiles" for their published articles, and adding short titles, plain language summaries, impact statements and other resources, authors can make their articles more engaging for a digital readership.

According to a study conducted at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, researchers' use of Kudos leads to 23% higher article downloads. 

Kudos explain share measure

At Policy Press we are now collecting plain language summaries at article submission stage and transmitting them to Kudos on publication to make it even easier for authors to explain and share their work. Plain language summaries and impact statements are also included alongside article abstracts on the Ingenta platform, so readers can access them directly from the published article.

Further information, including lots of practical tips can be found on the Policy Press blog.

How to get started

To start using Kudos, go to www.growkudos.com and create an account. It's free, and you should include your ORCID ID if you have one. Don't worry if you don't! Once you have created your account, you can search for your articles, "claim" them and start engaging.

If you'd like to give it a go, why not start with the '15 minutes to impact' guide?


Kudos has a great range of resources to help you make the most of the service. You can explore the Kudos YouTube channel or take a look at some of our favourites:

Brief introduction to Kudos (video, 2:08 mins)
Use Kudos to maximise and measure the impact of your research
Kudos for Researchers information sheet
Step-by-step tutorial for using Kudos (video, 4:00 mins)
Writing a great plain language summary
How to build a social media following

For more information on Policy Press's partnership with Kudos please contact us.
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New for 2017: Journal of Gender-Based Violence
The Journal of Gender-Based Violence is the first international journal based in Europe to showcase the work of scholars across disciplinary adn topic boundaries, and from a range of methodologies. It will publish high quality papers that contribute to understanding of gender-based violence, policy, and/or activism, on sexual violence, domestic abuse, 'honour'-based violence, prostitution, trafficking and/or reproductive violence and abuse in a wide range of intimate, familial, community and societal contexts.
Read more about the journal, how to submit a paper, and how to subscribe.

Impact Factor success for Policy & Politics
We are delighted to announce that the 2015 Impact Factor for Policy & Politics has risen to 1.2 and the journal is now ranked as one of the top 20 globally in the Public Administration category of the Thomson Reuters Journal Citation Reports. 

We would like to thank our authors for helping us to remain highly placed, enabling their work to achieve global readership and high citations in the field.

To celebrate this increase we have made the most highly cited articles from the journal free to read for one month.

New Editorial Team for Families, Relationships and Societies

Congratulations to the new editors of Families, Relationships and Societies, Lynn Jamieson, Mary Holmes and Alison Koslowski who will be welcomed to the Journal on 13 June 2016 with a reception at the CRFR International Conference.

We would like to thank the founding editors, Tess Ridge and Brid Featherstone, for the great imagination, determination and energy they have brought to the Journal. They have been the driving force of its success.

Voluntary Sector Review
free to read thoughout Volunteers' Week
To mark the contributions made by millions of volunteers we are providing free access to Voluntary Sector Review throughout Volunteers' Week 1-12 June, 2016.

New for 2017: International Journal of Care and Caring
The International Journal of Care and Caring (IJCC) is a new multidisciplinary journal designed to advance scholarship and debate in the important and expanding field of care and caring. Read more about the journal, the call for papers and how to submit your paper.

Rankings News!
We are delighted to announce the following additions to rankings and indeces:

  • Social Science Citation Index: Families, Relationships and Societies
  • Scopus: Families, Relationships and Societies and Voluntary Sector Review
  • PsycINFO: Evidence & Policy and the Journal of Poverty & Social Justice
Congratulations to all the teams involved.
Change of distributor for 2016
Policy Press have moved distributors for the 2016 subscription year. Orders should be placed through Turpin Distribution from 1st July 2015. For more information on how to subscribe to any of our journals, please click here.
Developing-country initiatives
For some time now, Policy Press has been working with INASP, an international development charity working with a global network of partners to strengthen access to, production and use of knowledge and evidence in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The aim is to improve access, production and use of research information and knowledge, so that countries are equipped to solve their development challenges. To find out more about INASP, visit the website at http://www.inasp.info/
All Policy Press journals are included in Portico. The Portico service provides a permanent archive of electronic scholarly journals which provides protection for libraries against a potential loss of access. Libraries receive campus-wide access to archived content when specific trigger events occur and if the titles are no longer available from us or our online journal hosts, Ingenta.

Publish your journal with us

At Policy Press we have many years of experience of publishing journals and our commitment to quality, personal attention and collaborative working is well-known. As a not-for-profit publisher we share many of the same values as the organisations and individuals we work with. 
We have published the internationally acclaimed Policy & Politics for over two decades and successfully launched Evidence & Policy eight years ago. The renamed Journal of Poverty and Social Justice launched in 2010, along with Voluntary Sector Review. 2012 saw the first issues of Families, Relationships and Societies and Critical and Radical Social Work was launched the following year. 2014 saw the launch of the Journal of Playwork Practice, and in 2017 we are launching two new titles, the International Journal of Care and Caring and the Journal of Gender-Based Violence.
Although we are not a large commercial publisher we punch well above our weight when it comes to maximising readership and enhancing discoverability of our journals worldwide. We can offer a range of different models including fully Open Access and hybrid, and we are well placed to advise societies and associations on the different options available to them.
We have chosen not to pursue a rapid journal expansion programme over recent years. This is because we pride ourselves on being able to give our journals the individual focus they deserve to help them flourish. 
However, we remain very keen to continue to develop our list and publish new journals over time in the areas we specialise in.

Find out more about publishing your journal with us by downloading our information sheet.

If you think we could be the right journal publisher for you please contact Julia Mortimer (Julia.mortimer@bristol.ac.uk) to discuss your ideas or prepare a proposal following the journal proposal guidelines.
Here’s what some people involved in our journals have said: 
"By having the courage to give a platform to critical voices, Policy Press is playing a crucial role in reframing the debate around austerity and inequality. It is a joy to work with a publishing team with such vision and commitment." Iain Ferguson, co-editor, Critical and Radical Social Work

"Our experience has been that Policy Press promote a sense of partnership with their journal editors.  Problems are shared and worked out together. Policy Press aren’t just good at dealing with challenges, they are also great at celebrating successes when they come along!"
Annette Boaz, co-editor, Evidence & Policy in the journal’s 10th year

"Policy & Politics enjoys a collegiate and productive relationship with our publishers, the Policy Press. They have been extremely supportive of our desire to raise the visibility, profile and performance of the Journal over the past few years.  This has required a huge amount of effort and investment and it is great to see that hard work is reflected in the Journal’s upwards trajectory." Sarah Ayres, co-editor, Policy & Politics

"It is always a pleasure and a privilege to work with everyone at Policy Press. Their approach to publishing is without exception, very professional, careful and supportive at all stages of the publishing process." Tracy Shildrick, co-editor, Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

"I have nowhere encountered a similar commitment and enthusiasm on the part of a publishing team, something that advisers, reviewers and the authors themselves have commented upon. The goodwill and commitment generated by a small team who have a deep understanding of the content, as well as of the mechanics, of a journal is a major asset, and generates respect for publisher and, in this case, for the host University."
Ken Young, co-founder of Policy & Politics and founder and former Editor, Evidence & Policy