We are proud to have changed the landscape of publishing in social policy and welfare over the past twenty years – leading the way on conversations around inequality and social injustice with authors such as Peter Townsend, Danny Dorling, Pete Alcock and publishing some of the most important cutting edge research in this field.

From our best-selling textbook series Understanding Welfare, and textbooks including Social Policy by Paul Spicker, to more recent titles such as Mary O’Hara’s Austerity Bites, Peter Beresford’s All our welfare and Andrew Sayer’s Why we can’t afford the rich we continue to commission books for academics, students, policy makers and world changers.

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We are keen to develop our range of products and resources in this subject area. If you are interested in contributing to our list by writing for us, or speaking to us about your publishing needs, please get in touch with me at laura.vickers@bristol.ac.uk.